Aubrey Historical Society

Honoring the past; learning from the present, and shaping the future.

The mission of the Aubrey Historical Society is to preserve and honor the families and history of Aubrey.  The Aubrey Historical Society plans to accomplish this through the creation of a history book about Aubrey and the surrounding area.

The Aubrey Historical Society was organized to preserve the stories, the history and the artifacts of the Aubrey area. As generations age, some of the precious memories, amazing stories, and proud heritage could be lost.

Hazel Shelton and Bouncer Goin realized that Aubrey history might fade and they started to collect and share the history of the residents and the area in news articles.  These articles were some of the first to be preserved in the The Portal to Texas History that was created by the University of North Texas.

Some of Skeet Smotherman’s and Bouncer Goin’s news stories are reprinted in the new 2012 history book.  Can you imagine hauling ice, covered by quilts, from the Denton Ice House in a horse drawn wagon?  This story is in the book.  Do you know where Kit Carson may have carved his initials in Aubrey sand rock?  The Aubrey History Book will tell you.

To purchase your copy of this limited edition of the book for $25, stop by Jackie’s Hardware on Main Street in Aubrey or go to for additional contact information.

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